Friday, January 2, 2009

over 2008, onto 2009

another year and another holiday show season has come to an end...
as some of you may know, a mysterious injury left me on crutches for the month of december. i really thought that attending the holiday shows would be near impossible. however, with the rallying support of family, friends,& fellow vendors i(we) got through it.
sooooooo to everyone who helped me set up
and kept me company
just another reminder that phea jean would not be possible without those people i am lucky to have in my life. those people are, of course, all of YOU.
i've still got one good foot, luckily my sewing foot, so that means i've been busy!

new phea jean hair accessories!
hair combs
and headbands
named after my pretty chloe!

last year around this time i made two knit hats: one for me and one for a friend. even though i'd been rocking the hat, i never made any more until a few months ago. i'm happy to report that the hats started selling and the
nix knit hat
was (re)born as an official member of team phea jean.

the hats have a vintage feel to them, especially when adorned with vintage buttons. can't really go wrong with buttons, i say!
while out in philly i even spotted a stranger wearing a nix knit hat that sold at Mew Gallery! it was a cool moment shared with my friends sondra and lis who i think were equally excited.

also a favorite this year are the
goliath wallets!
4 separate compartments in this puppy

and of course the newsboy caps are as popular as ever!
lots of new and fantastic newsboy caps just dying to be worn. guaranteed to keep you looking good and keep your head warm too!

with all the new accessories i know what you may be thinking,
and the answer is:
NO, i haven't given up on the handbags! this past year, it was nice to experiment with other aspects of phea jean and expand my repertoire. i found that the other accessories have a quicker turn around and are less labor intensive (yet no less special). and with each year, gaining more experience from doing shows and selling at Mew Gallery, i've found that customers like to see a range of items...shows i'm no one trick pony, so to speak. and for those who cannot afford my more expensive handbags, it's still possible to find the meticulous sewing and great many quirks of phea jean in something less expensive like a hair accessory. it's also nice to know that phea jean can be successful selling other items aside from the handbags.
as always, i am still committed to making unique, one of a kind items.

along with this blog update, i have also updated my official website so check out the gallery to see new items!
for everything available for purchase online at this time check out my
etsy shop!

PHILLY LOCALS: phea jean can be found at
Mew Gallery
906 Christian St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Mew is a fantastic boutique featuring handmade goods by local artists.
really, there are about 100 things in there that i NEED at this exact moment!
if you are in town be sure to stop in, you may even find my shining face behind the counter, dancing, or just hanging out with owners and talented ladies i now call friends, lauren and carolynne! lots of my creative friends also sell items at Mew so even if you don't pick up anything from phea jean you'll still be supporting the local community and that rocks!

interested in custom ordering? want to host a handbag party in 2009?
rocking a phea jean and want to show it off on the website?
please don't hesitate to contact me: