Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Crunch time has arrived...
less than two weeks til my first holiday show!
It will be my first time doing Crafty Balboa and I am anticipating a great show with lots of other talented artists!

I will also be making the rounds with the Traveling Wares Holiday Show, my fourth year in case you are keeping track!
You can find me at the 700 Club and Dirty Franks this year ONLY!

DECEMBER 12th - Dirty Franks
347 S. 13th St.

DECEMBER 18th - 700 Club
700 N. 2nd St.

I'll be selling my usual (or unusual, if you like) array of handbags, clutches, scarves, headbands, hair clips, wallets, newsboy caps, and hats.
Here's a preview:

I've got a new item perfect for eye glasses, pencils/pens, money/checkbook, etc:

And I've FINALLY settled on a winter wardrobe item...CAPES!!!

I don't know if its the wool or the vintage patterns, but I'm finding them quite sophisticated and charming. I made this pattern back in college...and I actually found it...all the pieces...on one pattern hook...UNBELIEVABLE...a miracle of sorts...not that I am unorganized per se...but have you seen my workspace?! A little overwhelming at times, especially this time of year. Sooooo, yeah, total win on that one! My dear friend, the beautiful and talented Erin B., helped me decide on the pattern and also modeled the capes! She's the best! Check her blog for all things crafty!

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel.

Recognize some of this fabric?! In the past year I have been generously given so many materials that I cannot even begin express my gratitude.

I'd like to specifically thank Aunt Helen and Michelle for all the wonderful fabric. In addition to the fabric and just as appreciated and valuable to me was hearing my Aunt Helen tell me that my grandmother (THE Jean of phea jean) would be thrilled to know that I was sewing and very proud of me. It is not often that people tell me stories of my grandmother (who passed away when I was 3 years old), but most times it is in correlation to my sewing and being creative because she was definitely all of those things and more. So, thank you for your kind words and hopefully the time will not be long before we see each other again!

I also had the privilege of meeting a very special lady, Victoria Andresen, over the summer. Victoria has known my father for over 10 years and he put us in touch a few years ago when I started making handbags because she, too, made handbags. Like so many crafty people, Victoria had acquired quite a stash of fabric, buttons, and other notions which she no longer needed...I was of course interested when she emailed me asking if I wanted these items! Never having met before, I arrived at Victoria's house and we instantly clicked! We talked for hours- she had so many good stories (about crafting and life in general) and her house had so many interesting items that had a lot of history to tell. We were having such a fun time, I almost forgot she was going to be giving me sewing materials! The stuff she gave me was AMAZING! I couldn't believe it! I'm still in awe of this stuff even now, months later. Really, the whole experience of meeting Victoria was so cool and the materials on top of that was a bonus! I hope that I can be that great when I am older! Thank you, Victoria, for being kind (and a straight-shooter, my favorite kind of person!) and welcoming me into your home and sharing your creativity! I am glad that we are now friends!
Now that Victoria has retired from the grueling craft show circuit, she has found a new creative outlet: KNIT A BEAR

The book includes easy to understand instructions on how to create these little friends!
She also makes these cute gifts for babies!!!
I would also like to give a hoot and a holler to a lovely member of my famiglia, Nico and her blog Up Gemini -where she photographically captures the wondrous world!
Well, as you can imagine, sewing doesn't happen on its own, so back to the machine! I must say that I got a good start this year and am not too crazed at the moment.
Hope to see you at the upcoming shows!