Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sunny days ahead

With temps promising to be in the 80's this weekend, it will be the perfect time to break out warm weather wardrobe!
For the ladies (and some men) that means DRESSES!!!!
Just received another "shipment" of vintage fabric that literally had me jumping up and down like a little girl, I was so excited! Excitement feeds inspiration and vice versa, so you know I've been working on ultra cute dresses with some amazing prints. I'm even surprising myself with a love of these floral prints which are typically not my favorite. I guess it's different when it's vintage -real vintage- fabric. Not that there is anything wrong with reproduction fabrics, but everythings better the first time around when it comes to this sort of a thing.
Here's a taste...

Another interesting print destined for long rectangular pillows...

I have absolutely fallen in love with this batik fabric...

What do I do to deserve such amazing fabric?! Two words: Boat Cushions.
VIP all summer on the water, and I'll be looking fly in phea jean summer dresses to match my tan. Will you?!