Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 approaching!

Yes, it is that time of year where I can guarantee a proper phea jean blog update....
I'm sorry you've all had to suffer throughout the year wondering what I've been doing...apparently too much sewing, not nearly enough blogging...

but I've been working, don't you worry!
The proof of my labors can be seen (and purchased) at any of the following shows in the great city of Philadelphia almost every weekend in December up until Christmas!

First up for the season:
December 4th, Sunday
Traveling Wares at Dirty Franks
347 South 13th St.

please note that I will NOT be at the TW Cantina date, so while I do wish for you to go and support all the other wonderfully talented local artists, if you are out for some phea jean goodies please choose another date to see me!

Perhaps at the next show:
December 11th, Sunday
South Philly Handmade Brigade
1241 Carpenter Street
Are you on facebook? Great! There's an event page, so check it out and RSVP if you are planning to attend! This is my first year participating in this annual show, so I'm excited to see what this group of artists has in store!

And Finally:
December 17th, Saturday
Crafty Balboa at the Broad Street Ministry
315 South Broad Street

While you are on facebook, you might as well RSVP "hell YES" to this event too!! Here's the link:
I know

that you know

that I am sewing up some sweet creations for this years shows, still a little taste would be nice, right?!

CAPES! It's gonna be cold. You can walk around with a small blanket to keep your shoulders warm, or I suggest opting for the more fashionable winter cape:

These capes debuted last winter and I'm jazzed on making them again this year. I'm using more vintage wools in plaid and houndstooth which are soooooo amazing I want to keep them all for myself! Oh and last week I uncovered three tubs of fabric I had stored away so I couldn't resist cutting about 10 more capes using these amazing vintage patterns that you know they don't make anymore!

I also got my hands on some cool Michael Miller housewife fabric and I was able to crank out a bunch of zipper pouches in various sizes!

The zipper pouches and these velcro pouches (pictured below)are both great gifts that look cool and can be used for in a variety of ways including: for eye glasses, as a wallet, pencil case, etc etc etc. This should make you happy!

Wait, I forgot to tell you...
I've got a lot of items in my etsy shop. No seriously, its true! 49 items, its crazy! Capes, headbands, hats, and more!

And since I love you all so so very much, I've created a coupon on etsy...all you have to do is log in and find what you can't live without one second longer, add to cart, and during the checkout process enter the code NOVEMBER2011 to receive free shipping from the phea jean shop til the end of the month! Offer valid starting at 12 midnight, tonight! Just kidding, its available now!!! What are you waiting for?!


xo, Amber