Saturday, April 6, 2013

GO WEST! Craft Fest April 20th 11-5

Our next show is GO WEST! Craft Fest on April 20th from 11-5 at The Woodlands in West Philly.
It's an outdoor show that will be packed with entertainment, food, music, and of course a hand selected group of vendors. We're excited to see so many of our friends and thought we'd compile a short list our favorite people to be sure to check out at this years event!

B. Goods lasercut acrylic jewlery
DMTDesignz funky and unique women's clothing
Exit343 Design silkscreen prints, greeting cards, and printed plushies
joeyfivecents vintage style photo jewelry and belt buckles
Nice Things...Handmade crochet hats and kids clothing and toys
Precious Meshes sweet and delicate birds nest and crochet wire jewelry
PULP by Rogue Theory  paper art jewelry and home goods
Say Hi Beth/Tranquility Jewelry upcycled magnets, terrariums, and gemstone jewelry
Stitch Prism mixed media jewelry & aeriums
Suelynne In The City  affordable jewelry
Sultana Maria Jewelry one of a kind bohemian jewelry with and urban flare
Tamme Handbags fabric handbags and pockets
Threet Ceramics carved functional ceramics
Volta Organics all-natural soaps, bath & bodycare products
Wrong World Ceramics ceramic flasks and wall art

We've gotten merchandise from almost all of these vendors! Unfortunately some were given as gifts so I couldn't photograph them, but here's a few items from our personal collection!

  Print by Exit343 Design, Crochet Hat by Nice Things Handmade, Earrings by Stitch Prism, Bracelet by Tranquility Jewelry, Money Pocket by Tamme Handbags

Print by Exit343 Design, Neck Cowl by PULP by Rogue Theory, Bracelet by Tranquility Jewelry, Earrings by PULP by Rogue Theory

For the full list of vendors click HERE

And don't forget to stop by the phea jean tent, too, and say hi to us!
xo Amber and Jess

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

30th Street Station Craft Market Feb 9

Join phea jean this Saturday Feb. 9th from 11-5pm at Philadelphia's 30th St Station for an exciting Craft Market! 30 talented, local vendors will be on hand just in time to pick up your Valentine's Day gifts and/or goodies just for you!

For a sneak peak at what phea jean will have to offer please add phea jean as a friend on facebook and check out the 30th St Station Album for the latest merchandise to come off the sewing machine!

See you all this weekend and keep posted for more spring shows coming up!!!
xo Amber

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Update

Okay it's the middle of September and I've already committed to several shows for the upcoming holidays in November and December. Believe it or not I've been sewing all summer long to start preparations!
Even though I say every year that I'm going to do that, this year I ACTUALLY DID! Soooo smart!

I've been playing with new materials...vintage earrings, brooches, buttons and belt buckles, turning them into awesome hair clips and headbands. I've definitely been wanting to put this together for a while since I've been sitting with all these materials for years. I finally made the time to work on them and I'm pretty satisfied with the results! Check 'em out, friends.

Vintage Brooches, Earrings, Buttons, and Belt Buckles on Alligator Hair Clips

Vintage Earrings on Bobby Pins

Vintage Brooches, Earrings, Buttons, and Belt Buckles on Headbands

I also whipped up some card wallets made with vintage fabrics and complimentary buttons. Simple, but charming, and practical. My girlfriend and my roommate (two completely different styles/lifestyles) have each been carrying them for months now. Oh and thanks Amanda for gifting me with a lot of the material incorporated in these wallets.

Card Wallets

Also picked up some shutters at various thrift stores in the area and gave 'em some coats of turquoise paint!
These are going to be great displays for my upcoming shows!

I'll be posting my show schedule coming up in the next month or so and any other previews of the new merchandise I'll have available!
xo Amber

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Skirts debuting at Crafty Balboa 4/28/12

Can you believe I've had all this wonderful vintage fabric tucked away...
It's true, but these skirts were worth the wait!

The colorful prints combined with the vintage trims are fun, flowy, and perfect to keep cool and fashionable in warm weather! I've even added some vintage pockets to some of the skirts for extra charm!

The skirts will debut at Crafty Balboa April Showers on April 28th from 11am-5pm at the Passyunk Fountain. I will also have an array of dresses, bags, and hair accessories and some other treasures just in time for Mother's Day!
Look for my white tent and new phea jean vinyl banner!

I'm also partnering with a new team bringing back the much anticipated Philly Swap O Rama Rama, Philly's largest clothing swap event! The swap will be held on Saturday May 12th from 12-5pm at the Broad Street Ministry.

I will be on hand to give tips and secrets on how to turn swap finds into exciting, one of a kind pieces that will stop strangers on the street, be the envy of all your friends, and make you look suuuuppperrrr hip, expensive, and all around awesome...whatever your style may be.

The swap is looking for volunteers for a variety of positions and in return for your shift you can swap for free! WIN!

For more details on the swap and to see what other local artists and community partners are on board this year please visit The Philly Swap's website!

xo Amber

Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 approaching!

Yes, it is that time of year where I can guarantee a proper phea jean blog update....
I'm sorry you've all had to suffer throughout the year wondering what I've been doing...apparently too much sewing, not nearly enough blogging...

but I've been working, don't you worry!
The proof of my labors can be seen (and purchased) at any of the following shows in the great city of Philadelphia almost every weekend in December up until Christmas!

First up for the season:
December 4th, Sunday
Traveling Wares at Dirty Franks
347 South 13th St.

please note that I will NOT be at the TW Cantina date, so while I do wish for you to go and support all the other wonderfully talented local artists, if you are out for some phea jean goodies please choose another date to see me!

Perhaps at the next show:
December 11th, Sunday
South Philly Handmade Brigade
1241 Carpenter Street
Are you on facebook? Great! There's an event page, so check it out and RSVP if you are planning to attend! This is my first year participating in this annual show, so I'm excited to see what this group of artists has in store!

And Finally:
December 17th, Saturday
Crafty Balboa at the Broad Street Ministry
315 South Broad Street

While you are on facebook, you might as well RSVP "hell YES" to this event too!! Here's the link:
I know

that you know

that I am sewing up some sweet creations for this years shows, still a little taste would be nice, right?!

CAPES! It's gonna be cold. You can walk around with a small blanket to keep your shoulders warm, or I suggest opting for the more fashionable winter cape:

These capes debuted last winter and I'm jazzed on making them again this year. I'm using more vintage wools in plaid and houndstooth which are soooooo amazing I want to keep them all for myself! Oh and last week I uncovered three tubs of fabric I had stored away so I couldn't resist cutting about 10 more capes using these amazing vintage patterns that you know they don't make anymore!

I also got my hands on some cool Michael Miller housewife fabric and I was able to crank out a bunch of zipper pouches in various sizes!

The zipper pouches and these velcro pouches (pictured below)are both great gifts that look cool and can be used for in a variety of ways including: for eye glasses, as a wallet, pencil case, etc etc etc. This should make you happy!

Wait, I forgot to tell you...
I've got a lot of items in my etsy shop. No seriously, its true! 49 items, its crazy! Capes, headbands, hats, and more!

And since I love you all so so very much, I've created a coupon on etsy...all you have to do is log in and find what you can't live without one second longer, add to cart, and during the checkout process enter the code NOVEMBER2011 to receive free shipping from the phea jean shop til the end of the month! Offer valid starting at 12 midnight, tonight! Just kidding, its available now!!! What are you waiting for?!


xo, Amber

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Crunch time has arrived...
less than two weeks til my first holiday show!
It will be my first time doing Crafty Balboa and I am anticipating a great show with lots of other talented artists!

I will also be making the rounds with the Traveling Wares Holiday Show, my fourth year in case you are keeping track!
You can find me at the 700 Club and Dirty Franks this year ONLY!

DECEMBER 12th - Dirty Franks
347 S. 13th St.

DECEMBER 18th - 700 Club
700 N. 2nd St.

I'll be selling my usual (or unusual, if you like) array of handbags, clutches, scarves, headbands, hair clips, wallets, newsboy caps, and hats.
Here's a preview:

I've got a new item perfect for eye glasses, pencils/pens, money/checkbook, etc:

And I've FINALLY settled on a winter wardrobe item...CAPES!!!

I don't know if its the wool or the vintage patterns, but I'm finding them quite sophisticated and charming. I made this pattern back in college...and I actually found it...all the pieces...on one pattern hook...UNBELIEVABLE...a miracle of sorts...not that I am unorganized per se...but have you seen my workspace?! A little overwhelming at times, especially this time of year. Sooooo, yeah, total win on that one! My dear friend, the beautiful and talented Erin B., helped me decide on the pattern and also modeled the capes! She's the best! Check her blog for all things crafty!

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel.

Recognize some of this fabric?! In the past year I have been generously given so many materials that I cannot even begin express my gratitude.

I'd like to specifically thank Aunt Helen and Michelle for all the wonderful fabric. In addition to the fabric and just as appreciated and valuable to me was hearing my Aunt Helen tell me that my grandmother (THE Jean of phea jean) would be thrilled to know that I was sewing and very proud of me. It is not often that people tell me stories of my grandmother (who passed away when I was 3 years old), but most times it is in correlation to my sewing and being creative because she was definitely all of those things and more. So, thank you for your kind words and hopefully the time will not be long before we see each other again!

I also had the privilege of meeting a very special lady, Victoria Andresen, over the summer. Victoria has known my father for over 10 years and he put us in touch a few years ago when I started making handbags because she, too, made handbags. Like so many crafty people, Victoria had acquired quite a stash of fabric, buttons, and other notions which she no longer needed...I was of course interested when she emailed me asking if I wanted these items! Never having met before, I arrived at Victoria's house and we instantly clicked! We talked for hours- she had so many good stories (about crafting and life in general) and her house had so many interesting items that had a lot of history to tell. We were having such a fun time, I almost forgot she was going to be giving me sewing materials! The stuff she gave me was AMAZING! I couldn't believe it! I'm still in awe of this stuff even now, months later. Really, the whole experience of meeting Victoria was so cool and the materials on top of that was a bonus! I hope that I can be that great when I am older! Thank you, Victoria, for being kind (and a straight-shooter, my favorite kind of person!) and welcoming me into your home and sharing your creativity! I am glad that we are now friends!
Now that Victoria has retired from the grueling craft show circuit, she has found a new creative outlet: KNIT A BEAR

The book includes easy to understand instructions on how to create these little friends!
She also makes these cute gifts for babies!!!
I would also like to give a hoot and a holler to a lovely member of my famiglia, Nico and her blog Up Gemini -where she photographically captures the wondrous world!
Well, as you can imagine, sewing doesn't happen on its own, so back to the machine! I must say that I got a good start this year and am not too crazed at the moment.
Hope to see you at the upcoming shows!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall is here!
I love the cool breeze, the colors, the smells, everything...LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall.
Not to mention the occurance of my favorite and only holiday that matters in my mind...HALLOWEEN!!!
No, it's not too early to be thinking about a costume.
The point is, now that I'm done sweating my ass off and have motivation to do other things that don't include submerging my entire body into ice cold water, I'M EXCITED (in case you can't tell by my overusage of capital letters)!
Summer wasn't that bad...I did manage to make some pretty awesome summer dresses, if you didn't get one, sorry friend, you'll have to wait til next year!

And some clutches... I also organized some buttons! Seriously, is this not one of the most amazing things you've ever seen?! Pretty much brings tears of joy every time I look at those babies all color coordinated and sorted. This was the result of many days spent inside when I got the August. I'm better now, thanks for asking.

And on a personal note, I brought the mohawk back! But not before the peacock feather and other fun hair designs!
HUGE shout out to the lovely and ubertalented Erin Anderson, owner and stylist of Fringe Salon for hooking me up with all the hair do's. Go there! And then visit Elissa Kara at Nice Things Handmade across the street and buy some cool digs. East Passyunk Avenue is where it's at, in case you didn't know.

So what am I working on now? Good question.
I've made a few goliath wallets by request. Super tricky, I promise.
READY? okay, here it goes...

These puppies can fit A LOT of stuff!!!! Man, I have to make one for myself!

I've also been working on newsboy hats which I personally will be rockin as the weather continues to cool off now that I've got so little insulation (hair) on my head!

Another great reason to look forward to fall is the annual Swap O Rama Rama that is going to be held this year on October 3rd from 12-5 at the Naval Yard. This is the 3rd year the swap is happening in Philly, and my 3rd year workin' the sewing machine at the event. M&J Trims in NYC has donated again this year and I will be available to embellish all the goodies you score on the floor! This years SORR is blowin up, getting huger by the day...crazy sponorships, guest speakers, workshops, VIP tickets (to include personal stylist and spa services...NO JOKE), and much more I'm not even aware of. Tickets should be going on sale this week, so do not miss out. Go to the Philly Swap's website for more information and to purchase tickets!

Hopefully this all sounds good and exciting and you will take my advice and continue to buy pretty things from me.
I'll feel happy about it.

xo Amber