Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mew Gallery Wish List #1...CREEPY COOL

It's a rainy Thursday here in Philadelphia and I'm working at Mew Gallery.
As everyone knows, I love this store! I'm here all the time, even when I'm not behind the counter.
There are so many great items in the store and new stuff coming in all the time. I discover treasures every time I am here, so I've decided to compile a series of wish-lists...


*Designs by Nguyen Le-
hand felted eyeball earrings...$26
I've been "eying" these earrings ever since I first stepped foot in Mew. I love the colors (even though I'm a brown eyed girl) and they are the perfect size. These earrings are super well made and I can think of several outfits that these would perfectly accent.

*Big Art Show-
Asbury Park postcards...$10
I'm a jersey girl and have a fondness for Asbury Park, naturally. I've seen countless shows and have some good memories from this great and historic town. If you are familiar with the area, you are no doubt aware of the "changes" that have taken place over the years...most noticeably, the demolition of the buildings that were once the "face" of Asbury Park. These postcard images are haunting and I don't think I'd ever actually mail them out. My favorite image is of the wreckage of the Palace Amusements Building. I actually wanted it in a print, but they're all sold out, my bad for not snatching one the 10 million times I saw it.

*Melissa Crotty-
Pill Box...$25
I could not be more obsessed with these! Featuring detached body parts, legs, doll heads, wings, birds, I don't know which one to choose as my favorite. All handmade, one of a kind, and so fantastically finished!

*Tony Pregiato-
X-ray night light...$20
A favorite item of doctors, dentists, med students, and ME. Sometimes I'm not a fan of the dark, so I'd actually use a night light if I had one. I've never seen a cool "adult" night light before (not that I've actually looked). You wouldn't even know that I was afraid of the dark, I could totally pass it off like I'm just weird and like x-rays. My favorite was of a ferret, he had surgical scissors poking out of him, it was the creepiest! I just got some x-rays of my foot, wonder if Tony makes custom night lights? oooo, I'll have to look into that!

*Jessica Rodgers-
"Fish Fight" Print...$20
Color pencil illustration of creepy, long-necked beauties dancing. They have elaborate hairdos. It's also got a candelabra and fancy chairs!

*Girls Can Tell-
Heart Diagram Tote...$18
I like diagrams, who doesn't?! Ever wonder what the specific valves of the heart are and where said valves are located? This hand-drawn and hand-printed image gives you all the specifics. GCT has committed to printing a new diagram a week in '09. (My real favorite is an oldie but goodie, the sewing machine!) Printed on a 100% natural eco bag (fair trade and fair labor)! Perfect for shopping, I like to put my groceries in totes now...plastic is soooo out!

Now, there's a lot more where this came from, so hold tight...I can't include everything is the first list! I don't think I can commit to making all of my lists "themed" but I thought it was a good place to start!
Stop by 906 Christian St to see these "creepy cool" items and even compile a list of your own if you want! It's fun!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Falling Back in LOVE...

with handbags. seriously.
as promised, i've been working diligently on new handbags and
consequently have the calloused fingers and sore back to prove it.
pain aside, i'm happy with the work i've produced in the past few weeks.

i even patterned a new style...

my new favorite:
DRINI 1007

other highlights:
handle it 406

The Batsy Bag 711

For more new handbags available visit my etsy shop!

i HAD to include this new goliath wallet XIII...
i lined this pattern up like nobody's business!

almost sold out of all my chloe headbands and hair combs, so i worked with a yellow theme this time and produced 13 newbies...
perfect for spring!

i also experimented with putting the leaves in a circular/flower arrangement:

it's a green theme next, i'm almost done with this batch...

i've updated my website and etsy shop, so check 'em out to see new phea jean goodies and what's currently available for purchase...hint hint.

which leads me to the subject of buying phea jean...
why you should you???
because i'm awesome.
no, seriously, because i design, pattern, sew, etc. everything and it's all one of a kind. i'm totally dedicated to this craft and work at improving and learning every day. if you don't find something already made, i can colaborate with you to create something fabulous. phea jean makes for great gifts. did you know i have gift certificates available?! yup, i'm fancy like that. i know buying handmade can be a little more expensive than going to a retail store, especially in not so favorable economic times; however, if you want to have a discussion on why it's oh-so-good and important to support local, independent businesses and why it's cool to buy handmade and sustainable products, call me up. i make this stuff in my house in south philly for pete's sake!

i also have to not give away free merchandise.
i know no one ever expects for me to give them free things, but, hell, i want to do it. but apparently that's not good for business...who knew. ha.
i always talk to my other crafty/artsy/small business friends about what their "policies" are on selling things to friends and family. some friends have a set discount that they give to friends/family.
here's my dilema with that...
what's the criteria one must meet for me to give them a "friend" discount (i know who my family is, obviously, doesn't mean i like them though, does it?!)? should i start rating people on a scale of 1 to 10 to determine how much of a discount (you'd all be in trouble, haha)...
if i like you at a 10 you get a handbag for free,
if i like you at a 1 you get a free button...
or how long i've known you...1 year gets $1 off, 10 years gets $10 off.
and then you tell your friends (which i infinitely appreciate) and they think they are going to get things for the same price. WHAT?! no.
bottom line, it's weird. i feel awkward about it.
i don't think there is a fair way to do it, at least not that i feel comfortable with. i get stressed about it. and i don't want anyone to feel slighted that i gave "x" to someone else and not to them. it's happened. so i either give things to everyone or no one. obviously, this is a business and i need to make some money so it's gotta be the latter option. i sometimes need to be reminded that logistically speaking, it is my time and energy that produces everything phea jean, so yeah i should be compensated for it.
this is not to say that i will not make you something as a gift ever again, say for your birthday (if i remember, or you remind me). or as a "thank you" if you give me a bunch of supplies, or save my puppy from a burning building.
and one day when i marry rich, win the lottery, and find a duffle bag of unmarked bills everyone will get whatever they want. promise.

now don't feel bad if i gave you something already.
we all want discounted/free stuff, i know i definitely do!
here's a way to get something for free...have a phea jean party at your place (or possibly mine, if you live in philly)!
email or call me up and ask me to come over for a little get together in which i bring handbags, hats, wallets, headbands, etc.
you invite your crew and make some snacks (i'm a vegetarian, thanks) and drinks. it's a fun time, right. depending on how much i sell, i'll kick you back a little something for hosting. easy. its a win-win situation!

i'm also working on coming up with some kind of "frequent buyer" and "refer a friend" incentives.

wow, this blogging thing just clicked for me.
i feel better now.

oooooo, almost time to reveal super exciting phea jean news, but i think i'll wait til next month when the weather warms up a bit...
speaking of, anyone in philly want to model for me? please let me know!