Friday, December 4, 2009

December Update

hello, again!
so soon?

my life has gotten easier this month with the aquisition of a new laptop and digital camera (thank you daddy and colin for waiting in line at 3am on black friday). this is good news because now i can do things faster and more efficiently. perfect because it seems like my work load has quadrupled so the time i was wasting tinkering with the busted technology i had can now be dedicated to production.

it's the eve of my first show of the holiday season.
everything is under control: merchandise has been photographed and tagged and my set up is in "mock set up" form in my dining room (i've got 8 feet tomorrow and i plan to utilize every inch of that space). i'm actually not feeling too stressed right now. let's not forget last year (1 year ago today as a matter of fact) i was sporting crutches, so at least this year i'm on two feet.

hopefully this alleged snow for tomorrow is just a nasty rumor and will not discourage anyone from coming out to the show.
here are the the details:

Independent Craft Market Holiday Edition
and benefit for the 941 Theater
2424 studios
2424 york rd. (fishtown)

holiday gifts, bands, and free pbr !
it's going to be a long day so i'm bringing extra chairs in case friends want to come visit me and stay a while! please do!

If you can't make it to the show tomorrow, don't worry, there are more opportunities coming up in the next few weeks to catch phea jean!
i'll be participating in the following traveling wares dates:

december 13th
dirty franks

december 19th
700 club

december 20th
tattooed mom

one last bit of exciting news...
i've got a window display up at my favorite philly spot- Mew Gallery!
this was an added bit of pressure to pull off, but i must say i am quite satisfied with the result!
special thanks to laura for hauling my goods to the store, erin for helping me set it up, michelle for making little changes and daddy for supervising. you really should all go see it in person, it will be up all month! 906 christian st! check it out.

i'm going to post a picture for those unable to go see the window, so if you want to swing by and be surprised you should stop reading right about now...

time for sleep! loooooong day tomorrow!

xo amber