Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2010

Is it too late to wish everyone a happy new year?!
Hope 20-10 is treating you all swell thus far...
No complaints on the phea jean front.
I've been enjoying a practically stress-free environment in the after-the-holidays break I've rewarded myself with.
Being your own boss is cool sometimes.

So I haven't been on total hiatus, working on some new things, semi-quietly.
You may have heard rumor of these tunic dresses. Yeah, that's not happening. At least not now anyway. I tried some patterns, I wasn't feeling it- can't force creativity I've learned. I was kinda bummed about it, but no inspiration was striking me and I'm not about to produce anything that I don't 100% love and want to wear myself, and the dresses-the sizing-grading of patterns-blah-blah-blah, totally turned me off. Being reminded of all the pain in the ass criteria that needs to be addressed when dress making also reminded me of the vast, virtually limitless liberties I can take when making handbags. Can a handbag fit a size S, M, L, XL, etc ?! ? Yes, all of the above, with ease! Does this ruffle here make me look fat? Certainly not! Horizontal stripes? No problem! Handbags ARE my main passion. Sometimes I forget, though.
I'm good at making handbags. I know how to make the patterns and sew handbags without a second thought. I whipped up these over-sized clutches in no time!

Did you hear Mew Gallery closed?!
We knew it was happening, but its officially gone now.
Mew gave a lot of local artists not only a place to sell and showcase their talents, but a "home base" of sorts. I feel like without Mew I would have had less of an opportunity to connect with so many great artists, whom I now call friends. My experience as a local philadelphia DIY business person was enhanced and broadened through my working relationship with Mew. After all, Mew was the first shop in Philly to express interest in carrying phea jean, which was a great compliment and confidence booster. I know it was time for the store to close and for L and C to move on in different directions, but I will still miss it. I hope that everyone will continue to support the local businesses and artists in Philadelphia (or whatever town you call home).

Alas, when one door closes another one opens.
Literally, in this case...
In related news phea jean will be carried in a new store!
Nice Things Handmade will be having its opening reception on Feb. 13th from 7-10pm located at 1731 East Passyunk Ave. Come by and support our friend Elissa as she begins her new adventure!
The store will be carrying new phea jean newsboy hats and handbags! SWEET!

Have you seen my new "baby"...

She's a Willcox and Gibbs sewing machine. Well, there are actually two machines dating 1878 and 1893, no shit. And this lady STILL WORKS. One of my father's homeowners gave him this machine along with ORIGINAL needles, manuals, attachment feet, etc. When my dad brought it to me I got chills. Its breathtaking; I stare at the intricacy and craftsmanship that went into this machine and know that I am BEYOND lucky to have this piece of art in my possession. Seriously they don't make anything like this anymore. The story of these machines is actually kind of interesting and here's a link if you are interested http://www.sewalot.com/willcox_gibbs.htm!
This is one of the raddest gifts I have ever received! Thanks Daddy!!!!!!!!
I'm pretty satisfied with this update, so I think I'll end it here...
'til next time friends!!!!
xo Amber