Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 2009 UPDATE

I've been threatened, repeatedly, that I must increase my online presence...or else.
So in fear for my life, I have taken the time to write a November Update! Actually, I (gasp!) broke my last machine needle so physical production is on hold.
It's been a long time since the online community and far away friends have been informed of what's been going on in the world of phea jean...
So, in case you were worried, we're alive and kickin' (it)...

I hoard fabric, we all know this. Most specifically I've got bins of remnants under my tables that drive me insane. Sometimes I cannot part with the tiniest piece of fabric because I swear that one day I will get around to using it.
Well, that day has come.
Scarves! Great!
Sondy Scarves! Genius!
Warm and cozy and fun with little embellishments!
Patchwork done phea jean style!

You can find the scarves online on my etsy shop www.pheajean.etsy.com

BIG thanks to Yvonne and Jeff for unloading an astronomical amount of vintage fabric and buttons to yours truly (more to come!!!)!

Already completed some Nix Knit Hats in a gold striped knit

i've been sewing these buttons to anything & everything I can get my hands on!

You can also (please and thank you) come out and support phea jean in person because it is that time again for HOLIDAY SHOWS!
I've been sewing hard to prepare, so anticipate lots of goodies that will only be available at the shows!

phea jean is booked for the following dates in PHILADELPHIA:

December 5th 12pm-7pm
Independent Craft Market Holiday Edition
2424 Studios
2424 E. York St.

December 13th 2pm-7pm
Traveling Wares
Dirty Franks
347 S. 13th Street

December 19 12-5pm
Traveling Wares
700 Club
700 N. 2nd Street

December 20th 1-6pm
Traveling Wares
Tattooed Mom
530 South Street

Come to one, come to all!
Handmade goodness, drinks, and music! Who can resist?!
The only way to shop for the holidays!
One final piece of news...
Farewell to my lovely assistant, Christina, who has been helping me cut (and cut and cut) and iron aka "the fun stuff" for the past 8 months or so. My number one qualm with this sewing thing has been working alone, and I have to say having someone else in the workspace was definitely just what I needed. We've had a lot of fun (too much?!) and it's been a blessing to have someone to bounce ideas off of and get opinions from. Christina is so talented in many ways and I will miss her infectious laughter ringing throughout the workspace. So sad to be parting ways, but since phea jean will not be relocating to Texas, our time together must come to an end. We will all miss her here in Philly, but she will always remain a huge part of phea jean! Who knows maybe a visit to Texas will inspire a phea jean western wear line...rhinestone jeans, cowboy hats, gun holsters?! Or maybe not.
Hey, all my ideas can't be brilliant.
In any event, much success and happiness to you, my friend (and Lauren)!

That's all for now since Apollo has fallen asleep on my right arm and I am now forced to finish typing this one-handed (god forbid I disturb my angel!). I dare say December will be an exciting month and I have one piece of exciting news to reveal, when the time comes.

xoxo Amber