Saturday, April 6, 2013

GO WEST! Craft Fest April 20th 11-5

Our next show is GO WEST! Craft Fest on April 20th from 11-5 at The Woodlands in West Philly.
It's an outdoor show that will be packed with entertainment, food, music, and of course a hand selected group of vendors. We're excited to see so many of our friends and thought we'd compile a short list our favorite people to be sure to check out at this years event!

B. Goods lasercut acrylic jewlery
DMTDesignz funky and unique women's clothing
Exit343 Design silkscreen prints, greeting cards, and printed plushies
joeyfivecents vintage style photo jewelry and belt buckles
Nice Things...Handmade crochet hats and kids clothing and toys
Precious Meshes sweet and delicate birds nest and crochet wire jewelry
PULP by Rogue Theory  paper art jewelry and home goods
Say Hi Beth/Tranquility Jewelry upcycled magnets, terrariums, and gemstone jewelry
Stitch Prism mixed media jewelry & aeriums
Suelynne In The City  affordable jewelry
Sultana Maria Jewelry one of a kind bohemian jewelry with and urban flare
Tamme Handbags fabric handbags and pockets
Threet Ceramics carved functional ceramics
Volta Organics all-natural soaps, bath & bodycare products
Wrong World Ceramics ceramic flasks and wall art

We've gotten merchandise from almost all of these vendors! Unfortunately some were given as gifts so I couldn't photograph them, but here's a few items from our personal collection!

  Print by Exit343 Design, Crochet Hat by Nice Things Handmade, Earrings by Stitch Prism, Bracelet by Tranquility Jewelry, Money Pocket by Tamme Handbags

Print by Exit343 Design, Neck Cowl by PULP by Rogue Theory, Bracelet by Tranquility Jewelry, Earrings by PULP by Rogue Theory

For the full list of vendors click HERE

And don't forget to stop by the phea jean tent, too, and say hi to us!
xo Amber and Jess

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